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Millburn 'ALL IN' Camp Event 2017

  • Taylor Park 100 Main Street Millburn USA (map)

This camp event is the closest thing you will get to a 'team' environment. The coaches will challenge you to improve your skills and yourself.. with our 'ALL IN' every day camper promise! Its real simple,  you choose the length of day you'd like, we use soccer to create a fun and engaging environment where friends can be made!

This 9-1pm camp has four different age groups:

'Parent & Child' : 2&3 years  (9am-10am)  (Mon or Wed)

The 'Parent & Child' class runs on two days, here we use a variety of FUN exercises to promote instincts and following directions. Its a great class that many children have started with, then progressing into the next FUNdamentals class. Parents are encouraged to really join in and have lots of fun in your childs learning!

'FUNdamentals' : 3-5 years  (9-10.30am)  (Mon-Fri)

The 'FUNdamentals' class is a major favorite with the younger kids.. this class introduces children to the basics of soccer, passing, control, shooting and more. Each day the children play FUN games and exercises which promote these soccer skills, while interacting with the group and coaches! We are the FUNdamentals..

'Skills N Thrills' : 6-9 years  (9-1)  (Mon-Fri)

'Skills N Thrills' class starts to look into soccer a little more. We work here to learn the PROventus sports method.. the children will be put through many exercises to develop the important skills of 1.Ball Mastery 2.Awareness and 3.Movement.

'Compete With Your Feet' : 10 years +  (9-1)  (Mon-Fri)

The 'Compete With Your Feet' group is the oldest at camp.. the children here will also practice the PROventus sports method, with an emphasis also on transitioning to a 'team like' environment.. we challenge the kids to develop themselves through the life skill of the day. Its a great environment for all.

The Coaches at camp will focus on your child.. trying to make the all important connection for learning to take place. 

* (Daily drop offs available) *